Where do we meet, what time and what happens if we miss the boat ?

All guests should arrive by 5.45pm and meet in front of the Cargo Bar King St Wharf located next to the Aquarium. Boarding the "Constellation" at 5.45pm. The boat does not wait for late arrivals and we do not issue refunds. Guests are responsible to arrive prior to boarding time.

Can we tip the Stallions?

Since the phasing out of $1 & $2 notes we no longer recommend tipping. It caused personal discomfort for the Stallions when coins were used and financial discomfort for the girls using larger notes. If you would like some extra attention just waive your hands in the air instead. Tips like, get it off, get a real job, be good to your mum………are welcome.

How do we book?

A deposit of $10.00 per person is required to book seats based on an estimated number of guests. We do not accept tentative bookings or guarantee seats until the deposit has been paid. Final numbers and final payment is required 14 days prior to the cruise. Please note all payments received by Stallions Afloat are non refundable including card payments.

Can we request front seats for the Stallions show?

Every group and guest has allocated seating for dinner and the show. You may specifically book the front table for the show at an additional cost of $10.00 per person. This will guarantee front seats. You may also request front seats and we will do our best. Medical conditions, eye sight problems may be taken into account however a supporting optometrists certificate may be required.

Can we book in late or add to our group?

Call Stallions Ph 0404 066397 or email party@stallionsafloat.com.au to check availability.

How do we get free entry into the nightclubs?

We have special coded passes for each venue which will be issued to your group organiser on the night of the cruise with an up to date list available nightclubs. You should carry suitable ID and you may also be asked to show your Stallions VIP card. Entry is still at the discretion of each nightclub.

Can guys come on board Stallions Afloat?

Hot, athletic, well groomed friendly guys, yes, as waiters or performers only. Sorry we do not allow male passengers.

Is there a minimum group size or age limit ?

Girls over 18 years of age are welcome. Yes Stallions is tastefully done so it is OK for Mum or even Grandma. Any group size from 2 to 100 is welcome. All guests should carry suitable identification on the night.

Can we change numbers?

Yes group sizes can be reduced up to 14 days prior to the cruise with deposit paid deducted from the final balance. Increasing is subject availability of seats. We provide flexibility in number up to 14 days prior to the cruise. Bookings not finalised then without special arrangements may lose part or all of the deposit paid. Please finalise numbers on time.

We have a vegetarian in our group can we arrange a special meal?

Vegetarian items are now standard in our current menu. Other special meals can be arranged when finalising your booking.

Do we get full strength drinks from the bar, how does it work?

Yes we serve full 30ml nips of spirits. Spirits we use are Jim Beam Bourbon, Bacardi Rum, Smirnoff Vodka, Black Douglas Scotch, Gordons Gin. Please note all drinks must be served with a mixer. Shots are not included in the Stallions package.

Can we get a refund if the wedding is called off or if there is a major emergency?

Unfortunately we do not issue refunds regardless of the circumstances. Once we receive your payment, you are allocated seats. Other girls are then turned away.