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Stallions exclusive package for 100 ladies only every Saturday night includes your four hour luxury harbour Cruise, Stallions Show, Dinner, Drinks including house spirits...
Hens Night Cruise
4 hr

Best Hens Night in Sydney

The Stallions show consists of a professionally choreographed strip tease, group routines, we feature exclusive acts which you will only see on Stallions Afloat.


The quality of this talent has seen Stallions recruited to tour with the countries best shows including Manpower. Stallions have performed on board Saturday night, then straight to Vegas to perform days later. These guys, Milan, Luke, Shane… perform as our special guests when in Sydney.


Whilst Stallions is a stage show, please be prepared for the Stallions to be up close and personal.We normally have a maximum of 100 ladies with the Stallions show in the middle.

Special requests for seating front or back are welcome and we will do our best. If the show is to hot for some of your guests they are welcome aboard for dinner and drinks. They can go out on to one of our viewing decks during the show to enjoy Sydney Harbour.


Irene’s Birthday

We went out clubbing on a girls night out. We went to the Girls room to freshen up then hit the dance floor all looking pretty hot. Betty had her eye on this cute guy who was with his mates. Betty kept smiling at them and thought were all smiling back but they were actually chuckling. When betty had gone to the bathroom she got her dress tangled in her panties, walking out displaying her butt. She was wearing hipsters, not so hot on the dance floor, but she still picked up.

Karen’s Hens Night

Karen likes to stay over at her fiancees house. Karen sleeps in the spare room however her fiancee creeps out of his room in the middle of the night and they have some fun. About a month ago Karen did the sleep over. Karen was naked in the bed in the spare room when there was a knock on the door. She threw the covers off to welcome her fiancee, instead her father in law opened the door getting an eyeful. He waived awkwardly turned and walked away. Karen just laid there stunned, frozen and naked. The wedding is next Sunday, Karen is to embarrassed to tell her fiancee and has not spoken to her father in law since.

Monika’s Hens Night

Monika went away with friends, including her husband to be at the time. The girls and guys split up, went out and were going to meet up back at the hotel room. Monika drank way too much and we had to carry her home. She went back to her room, snuck into in the bed in the dark. Her fiancee woke up and Monika enjoyed the best sex ever. Monika got up to have a shower. When she walked out of the bathroom she realised she was in the wrong room. We are her tonight for Monika’s Hens Night, she is marrying the guy from the wrong room.